General questions

What is Orbitum?

Orbitum is fast and reliable web browser developed on the basis of Chromium with unique applications for social networks.

What features has the Orbitum and what is its advantage over other browsers?

Browser Orbitum contains several unique features:

The Quick Launch toolbar - you can set up a list of your favorite sites and open them all in one click with this handy panel that opens with each new tab.

Built-in chat - you can chat with your friends from your social networks using a sidebar chat while opening any site in the browser window.

Built-in Music Player - now you do not need to visit VKontakte if you want to listen music. Our audio player gives you quick access to music from your and your friends pages .

Automatically download torrents - if you previously had only download .torrent file and then swing it a special program, now you can download any torrent files directly in your browser. This happens automatically, you do not even have anything to do.

Changing the design of your page - in Orbitum you can change the layout of the pages VKontakte and Facebook. In our gallery more than 10,000 different themes for every taste. Change the appearance of your page every day.

In addition to all the above, Orbitum easily download any sites has the usual set of features and has a simple and clear appearance.

Browser requests a password on my account. Is it safe?

Yes it is! Orbitum interacts with social networks, according to the official protocols recommended by them. Orbitum does not store your passwords, and immediately sends them to the social network. Your data is safe.

I'm afraid of viruses

Orbitum working on the core of browser Chromium. This browser has the least vulnerabilities that could hurt the information on your computer.

What social networks are supported?

Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki

Tips on setting

How to start using the browser?

Orbitum browser is very easy to use!

After installation you will see Orbitum welcome page (it opens automatically), which immediately prompts you to log in using your account VKontakte:

Enough to log in Orbitum once. You can do this by pressing any button VKontakte: in the center of the page or in a box with chat right.

After clicking on the button in VKontakte opens authorization. Enter your connection information (login and password) and click on the "Login" button.

You can also sign in with Facebook or Odnoklassniki, press the appropriate button in the chat window on the right.

If you have accounts in all of the social network, you can connect them and use them simultaneously.

How to use The Quick Launch toolbar?

The Quick Launch toolbar is available in each new tab, and looks like this:

between categories
Look for anything that you are interested in
through this handy search box
Create new category
and fill their with sites
Press the button to edit

cell content
Add new
cells with sites
How to use Chat?

You can open and close the chat sidebar
by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner
of the browser.

To activate the chat and see
a list of your friends, login an appropriate
social network:

Open / Close

After authorization in one or more social networks, chat will look like this:

Leave the list of contacts

only those who are online or
only favorites
Switch between
contact lists from different
social networks
Search for a contact
in the list
Click on a contact
to chat
Add contact
to favorites
Write a message
and use emoticons
Here you can roll chat
or select appearance
How to change the theme VKontakte?

you can get to the Orbitum gallery of themes by clicking icon on your page VKontakte:

in the gallery, you need to find the page design that you like and click on the "Install" button

Here you can enable / disable
the display of themes at page
Sort themes
Select any theme
and click on the "Install"
How to create your own theme VKontakte?

Clicking on the icon “
go to the "My Themes " and click on "create a theme."

you open the designer of themes
that looks like this:

Settings Advice

How to make Orbitum remember my tabs upon closing it and restore them when I launch it next time

Orbitum default stores open pages and opens them at the next start

If you change this setting before and want to open the save pages , you need to go to the Orbitum Menu go to Settings and > Open last page in the "Startup".

How to import bookmarks (Favorites)?

press the special button in the shape of a star on the right side of the address bar In the window that appears, you can rename a bookmark or select a folder to its placement. The number of new tabs is not limited.

To place bookmarks bar under the address bar open Orbitum Menu go to Bookmarks and select Show Bookmarks Bar.

Page added to your bookmarks will mark a yellow star.

How to import (transfer) bookmarks from another browser to Orbitum?

To import bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Toolbar, go to the menu Orbitum go to "Bookmarks" and select "Import bookmarks and settings." Next, select the program that saved bookmarks and click "Import".

If you use another browser, you must first export bookmarks as HTML-file. Then open the Orbitum Menu go to Bookmarks , then Bookmark manager  select Sort. Select "Import Bookmarks" and open the saved HTML-file..

If you do not have Orbitum Bookmarks, imported items are displayed on the panel under the address bar. If you already have Orbitum bookmarks, new elements will be placed in the folder 'Imported from (browser name) "at the end of the panel.

How to make Orbitum your default browser?

Go to Orbitum Menu then Settings. In "Default browser" section, click the Make Orbitum my default browser button.

How to change the search engine on the home page?

If the page shortcuts is your home page, change the search system is currently impossible, but you can change the search engine for omnibox (the search box located at the top of the browser).

Click Orbitum Menu go to "Settings" and select the desired option in the "Search" button.

What are the cookies and how to disable / enable cookies?

Cookies are small files that are created when you visit sites to differentiate between users and storage of their data (passwords, settings, personal data). If you do not save this information in the browser (at the suggestion of the browser or the site itself), they will not be recorded in the files of cookies.

In Orbitum files cookies are enabled by default. If you want to turn them off, open the Orbitum Menu go to "Settings" and click on the link "Show advanced settings". Next, in the "Personal Data" click on the "Content Settings" and in the "Files cookies" to select the desired option.

If you need to clear cookies, go to Orbitum Menu > History > Clear History. You will see a pop-up window, in which you can note what period of time you need to remove.

How to enable pop-ups?

Orbitum default blocks pop-ups. If you want to enable their display go to menu Orbitum go to Settings select Show advanced settings. Next in the Personal Data select Content Settings then Pop-Ups and select the desired option.

How do I delete browsing history or search history?

If you need to delete the browsing history or search history go to Orbitum Menu History and click on the Clear History. You will see a pop-up window, in which you can note what period of time you need to remove.

How to move in "silent mode"?

"Quiet Mode" lets you hide the contacts bar on the right side of the browser. To enable the "silent mode", press the special button in the upper right corner of the browser

To exit silent mode, press the special button in the upper right corner of the browser

How to start incognito mode (private browsing)?

In Incognito mode, your browsing and download histories and cookies will not be stored when you close Orbitum.

To to start incognito mode go to Orbitum Menu and select "New incognito window." In the upper left corner of the new window you will see the icon meaning that all sites are opened in this window will be viewed hidden.

How to zoom in / out the page and the size of the text?

To change the page size and text size go to Orbitum Menu and using "Zoom" manageable size

For more detailed settings of font size and style go to Orbitum Menu then Settings select Show advanced settings. In the "Web Content" you can adjust the size and font style, and change the encoding.

How to change the Orbitum interface language?

To change the Orbitum interface language go to Orbitum Menu Settings > Show advanced settings

Next, in the "Languages" click on "Language Settings and spell checking", select the desired language from the list (or add it by clicking the "Add") and click on the "Show Orbitum in this language." Confirm your selection by pressing the "OK" button.

Possible problems and their solutions

Why is the page loaded in the browser for a long time?

The reason for the slow loading web pages can be a variety of factors:

- Low speed internet connection due to problems at the ISP;

- Low speed internet connection due to malfunction of equipment that is used to connect to the Internet;

- Appearance on the PC of any viruses and other malicious programs.

- Running applications that also use the Internet connection (such as uploading, torrent clients, online games).

I can‘t log in to the social network, why?

Probably the authorization data have been entered incorrectly. Enter the data manually, check them for correctness (keyboard, register the presence of extra spaces). If the input data is accurate, but you still can’t log in to the social network, please contact the appropriate social support network.

After application of the chosen theme for the page VKontakte I still see the standard layout, why?

Theme for the page VKontakte, installed using a browser Orbitum, can be seen only in this browser. If you apply a theme, but do not see the appropriate changes on the page VKontakte note, what browser you are using

How to remove Orbitum from your computer?

Removing the program takes place in a standard way: «Start» → «Control Panel» → «Programs and Features» " (for Windows XP: «Add or Remove Programs») &rarr right-click on the line Orbitum and select "Delete."

Deleting a shortcut Orbitum from the desktop or a folder «Orbitum» from the PC will not remove the program completely, so we recommend you to use the standard method of removal.

If you have any questions about using Orbitum, requests or suggestions, you can email us via the feedback form . We will gladly respond!